Monday, July 25, 2011

Goals - The Key to Success in Business and Life

How often do you feel that feel that you are wandering aimlessly along in your life or business? I would suggest that 80% of people feel this way? How about you?
The key is to establish clear goals for you to aim for.
These may be long term but should link back to medium and short term goals. Suggested time frames for these goals could be:
Long term - up to 10 years
Medium term - 3-5 years
Short term - 12 months
Personally, I have found that having clear goals makes decison making now much simpler.
All you need to do in making decisions is to ask yourself "will this decision move me forward in achieving my goals within established time frames?" If the answer is yes, make the decision and move on. If the answer is no, then you will need to re-evaluate your strategy based on your goals.
This helps remove "spur of the moment" decisions which provide short term satisfaction but are inconsistent with the achievement of your established goals.
Yes, this takes dedication, commitment and discipline and can be very challenging.
How serious are you about setting goals?
Are you easily distracted such that these goals are never met?

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