Friday, July 22, 2011

Does Your Business Suffer From the FTI Disease?

Recently I ran a seminar "Social Media 101 for Business". It was a great session with plenty of interaction and great feedback at the end.
But, was it really that great? The real test is whether any of the participants implement at least one idea from the seminar. This is the FTI disease - that is Failure to Implement.
We have all been to seminars and workshops and come away with a page full of ideas to bring to our business. But what happens? Unless we start the change process as soon as we return to our business, we get caught up in the day to day distractions that our business involves. Soon the ideas are left in the seminar folder, to be discovered some twelve months later when we clean up the office.
There are a number of reasons as to why this happens including:
1. We see working on our business as unproductive and not as important as doing what we always do  
    (some  accountants who "sell" time certainly see this as non chargeable and therefore of no value)
2. The list is to long and just overwhelming
3. It isjust easy to keep doing the same thing
What are the answers to this? Might I suggest:
1. Take the change in mindset that change is good and that is is important to work on those important but
    not urgent things ie those things that bring a positive return in the future as distinct from now
2. Prioritize those things that will have the biggest impact and bring us closer to achieving our objectives. In
    other words, what actions will bring in some early yardage
3. Set 3 action items as an initial target to be implemented focus on those before moving to the next 3 and so
    on. Ensure that your team is made aware of your goals and involve them in this process
4. Celebrate the completion of each action with your team
5. Be prepared to take some risks. After all risk taking is an essential part of being in business and is an
    essential ingrediant to earning superior profits

Keep these points in mind when you attend your next seminar



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