Wednesday, July 27, 2011

TEAM - The Key Word for Business Success!

In today's modern work environment do you still use the word "staff" to describe your employees?
I think that is a big mistake as it gives the impression that management are superior to other employees. The reality is, in fact, the success of a business is reliant on everyone working together and doing their job effectively...... as a TEAM.
If the captain of a sporting team thinks that he is above the others it will most likely create dissent in the team. That's not to say leadership is not important - it is critically important is creating a great team.
Keep this in mind - TEAM stands for:


Chuck out the class war in your business. Ban the word "staff" and build a team - we have in our business with the result that we have a happy, progressive and effective team producing great results!
Go on, take the risk and reap the rewards!

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