Friday, August 19, 2011

Knowledge is Power! What Are You Doing to Charge Your Knowledge?

I've just spent the day at a intense tax training session - one that we organise for all accountants in our area.
Each time we have this session, it seems that there is a small group of participants that continually ask questions (me included!)
From what I can see, this can mean any one of the following:
1. Everyone else understands each topic
2. Everyone else knows nothing about the subject therefore does not know what to ask
3.The information is only theory to them and they cannot relate whats being said to their day to day duties
4. They are afraid to ask
Now I suspect that in most cases, point 4) is the most likely scenario. They feel that it is a demonstration of weakness to ask questions and that everyone else fully understands what is being talked about.
The reality is that most are also unsure but they to see asking questions as being a weakness.
How wrong they are!
In my opinion, it is a sign of strength to ask questions. Even the dumbest questions! The only way I have gained important knowledge is to continually ask questions and refer these things to practical day to day problems that I am working on.
So, be strong - ask and learn - and excel at what you are doing.

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